Winery Profile

It’s hard to imagine, but there are many people who grow grapes who are not passionate about wine. Remi Leroy grew up in Meurville, a village in the Aube, where the entire village was composed of people who sold grapes to the local negociants, and yet there was hardly a single small grower who decided to produce their own Champagnes. Having grown up in the vineyards, Remi was always interested in the agronomy (the study of plants and the soil for use in food), and so decided to go to school in Bordeaux, where he could study both agronomy and oenology (winemaking). Once in Bordeaux, through tastings with classmates and trips to visit other wine regions, he became passionate about wine and decided to return to Meurville and create his own domaine. His goal has always been to understand the best technology so as to use the least possible.

The Aube is dominated by Pinot Noir, but 95% of the vineyard is Kimmeridgean soil, which is often thought to be better adapted to Chardonnay. Less than 200 hectares are made up of Portlandian soil, and a large part of that is located in Meurville, which gives the Pinot Noir a unique character.

Remi Leroy released his first cuvée in 2013 – a nonvintage brut that establishes the house style of seductive elegance.

“Remi Leroy makes the Champagne that was missing from the Aube– a masterful, sexy wine that should be tried by anyone who loves bubbles.” -Joshua Adler, Paris Wine Company


Champagne Brut: Current Disgorgement: Oct 2013.  Sustainably farmed without any herbicides (lutte raisonné).  75% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Meunier all from the Cote des Bar.  Average vine age is 23 years old. Base wine is 2009 vintage.  Fermented and raised in stainless steel.  Dosage is 7 g/l.  Bottled unfined and unfiltered.


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