I Pastini

I Pastini may be seen as a young estate (established 1996) but Lino Carapelli is not new to this business. Before breaking ground at his home estate, Carapelli was the energy and direction at Torrevento, a prominent Puglian estate. The name I Pastini is a reference to the hoe (Pastinum in Latin) symbolizing the estate’s allegiance to doing vineyard labor by hand, and keeping an eye on at-times ancient farming methods. They are reviving indigenous varietals and manually working their high altitude vineyards 300-350 m above sea level (their terroir lends itself to white grapes- a rarity in Puglia).  The new cellar is impressively efficient, a major shift from the warren of trulli that used to contain I Pastini’s winemaking operations.  Temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks allow the freshness of these aromatic white grapes to live on until corks are pulled in America.  The farming is real, the grapes are Puglian, and tradition is respected.
“Healthy farming, indigenous Puglian white grapes…The place seems poised to really take off. They have good energy, ambition and a plan. I get a sense I Pastini is on the ascent.” – Jay Murrie, Piedmont Wine Imports


Locorotondo Bianco ‘Antico’

Varietal: Verdeca, Bianco d’Alessano, Minutolo

Color: White

Farming Practice

Organic. 60% Verdeca, 35% Bianco d’Alessano, 5% Minutolo. Grown on alluvial calcareous/clay soils 300 meters above sea level, Locorotondo is the rare Puglian terroir that is best suited to white grapes. Antico is vinified according to the tradition of the old farmers and wine producers in the Itria Valley: high-density espalier planting, hand-harvested into small baskets, 100% de-stemmed and co-fermented at low temperature in stainless steel.

Verdeca ‘Faraone’ Valle d’Itria

Varietal: Verdeca

Color: White

Farming Practice

Organic. 100% Verdeca. From a single vineyard on vines grown on calcareous soils 350 meters above sea level. High-density espalier planting, hand-harvested into small baskets. 100% de-stemmed and fermented at low temperature in stainless steel.