Lorenza Rosé was founded in 2008 by Melinda Kearney, a wine industry veteran from Napa Valley and her daughter Michèle Lorenza Ouellet, an international fashion model. Sharing a love of the beautiful Provençal Rosé, they set out to make in California a wine of intention that was vineyard driven, delicate, dry, low alcohol and full of light. Old vines would lend the wine complexity and authenticity and would feed their desire to create a wine of substance.  Strangers became friends and doors generously opened to the outstanding vineyards that have been the source of Lorenza.

The sandy soil of the California Delta is home to the ancient vines that provide the grapes from which Lorenza is made. The Bechthold Vineyard Cinsaut was planted in 1847.  Spenker Ranch, the original source of Carignan was planted in 1906. Head trained, own rooted vines, weathered and with stories to tell, these vines are central to the blend which was inspired by the Bandol icon, Domaine Tempier. Hand-picked, direct to press with fermentation in separate stainless steel tanks allows the individual lots to develop and express their beauty fully before the final blending. All the fruit that goes into Lorenza is either organic or certified sustainable and sourced 100% from top sites in Lodi.



Varietal: Mourvedre, Carignan, Grenache, Cinsault

Color: Rose

Farming Practice: Certified Sustainable

Certified Sustainable (cert. sustainable is the minimum and some vineyards are farmed organically). 40% Mourvedre, 28% Carignan, 16% Grenache, 16% Cinsault. All vineyards are sourced from Lodi. Sandy soils. The sand is an anaerobic environment that protects the vine from disease and allows it to thrive. Very old vines are the key here and all the average age of the fruit sources in Lorenza is well over 50 years old with the oldest source, Bechthold Vineyard, planted in 1886. Early picked, direct-pressed into stainless steel for fermentation.

Spritz Rose CANS

Varietal: Carignan, Grenache

Color: Rose

Farming Practice: Certified Sustainable

Certified Sustainable. 73% Carignan & 27% Grenache. Sourced entirely from the Lodi AVA from the long-term existing vineyards that Lorenza works with for their still rose. Sandy soils. Average vine age over 30 years old. Grapes are picked at even lower brix than for a still rose and then co-fermented in stainless steel and carbonated before canning. There is no water, fruit juice or anything else in Lorenza Spritz.