Mariel Goddu

Mariel’s relationship to food, wine, and revelry go all the way back to her childhood growing up in a busy 200-year-old inn on the coast of Southeastern Massachusetts. There, she worked her way through every front of the house position including but not limited to: resident pianist, logo designer, delivery person, and bouncer to pesky sailors before settling in as bartender. She moved to New York City to pursue visual art and directing for theater while continuing to work at bars and restaurants to help pay for her love of…bars and restaurants.

Eventually, her passion to learn more about wine led her to beverage direction, creating wine lists, and leading teams to shape an amazing experience. Most recently, Mariel was the Beverage Director and GM at Swine in the West Village. Like art, she’s found that around a special bottle of wine, people share an experience that is alive, unique to them, and connected to something bigger. Mariel lives in Jersey City with her husband, Danilo, whom she snagged from behind a bar, where they can be found cooking for friends, sharing wine on stoops, and loving their nights and weekends!